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These are the upcoming En Garde and Can’t Stop tournaments, as well as other events at Heart of Dragons.

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From August, we will add a new rule. This is because of the difficulty of understanding that it is a REQUIREMENT to contact all your opponents early in the round. And also the fact that some people seem to “save up” the games until very late.

The rule is harsh, I know, but it is as follows:

  • All players have to play at least 5 games before midnight Monday, August 14.
  • Players who have NOT played 5 games by that time, will be eliminated from the round, and remaining games will be removed.

Part two means that there is a joint responsibility to play your games. And maybe it is smart to try extra hard to play those who have not played 5 of their games yet.

The deeming rules for unplayed games are still the same, but we will be strict on requiring documentation that you tried communicating with your opponent in the first week, in order for us to deem anything else than 0-0 on unplayed games.

Apart from that: Have fun, and play fair!

~ Aries ~

How to CL?

It is not difficult! But I know it can seem so at times. So that is why I wanted to put some hints and “guidelines” here.

As a start, contact your opponents at BEGINNING of the round. Some are eager to get all games done early, others have all the time in the world. So to make sure your plans line up, it is good to establish an early connection. It does not mean that you need to play at the first point of contact. The important part of this, is to exchange information about availability, especially if you are in “incompatible time zones”, or you know you will not be in SL on a regular basis.

Please also remember that being online, doesn’t always mean you are available or ready to play. But the least you can do, is REPLY to any requests to play.

When you do play your game, it is suggested that winner sends in the score. And we have for 9 years used the “Send as email” function to do that. It now seems to not work on some viewers, so the best way is to save to your disk, and email from there. It is still free. (Only pictures saved to inventory will cost you L$10.)

When you have played (and won) the game, it is good if you send it ASAP to Zac’s email. Your opponents start asking about missing scores within minutes. OK, more like hours. But they are not patient! And it is good that you check the spreadsheet. The earlier we see that a score is wrong (we are humans) or missing (still humans, but could also be due to the “interwebs” deciding to mess with us).

This is especially important as we get closer to the deadline, because we start chasing you for missing games…. If you see the game is not in after a couple of days, and you have checked (with your opponent) that is has been sent, please let us know. It could have been sent to spam.

When you send the scores in, Zac would really love you if you have names and scores in header. This makes it possible for him to register scores faster – for YOU!

If you are at the end of the round, and you have not been able to play your games because of your opponent, I want to see the following:

  • Copy of your IMs to this person from your attempts of contact in the first week of the tournament.
  • Copy of your IMs to this person following up on this.

If you can not show you tried in the first week too, you are likely to end up with a 0-0 for the game.

~ Aries ~

I really don’t like bullies!

I don’t like watching them bully others. But I certainly HATE being bullied myself!

I am not very thin-skinned. I am patient. The main thing I do in SL is to keep a sim for En Garde and other sims. And I usually love it!

I get pleasure from seeing people coming to Heart of Dragons to play games with friends and strangers. Some drop by for a quick fix with their friends the robots. Others ask for players in the group – with varying luck. Others have their own crowd who meet up and play.

Heart of Dragons has been open since August 2007. It’s been a long time, and it’s been a great time. There has not been many people I have had to ask to correct actions. At least not more than once. I am a tolerant person and a patient person. And most of all – I really hate to give people a chance not to come back. Live and let live! We are in SL to have fun and relax, right?

My 3 sims are an extension to my own living room. I pay the rent myself, I have decorated it myself and it is MINE. So I think I have the right to say no when things go to far.

I have one bot on my land – Canga Roux. She is a registered bot – which means she does not accumulate traffic. Her only purpose is to invite new visitors to the Boardgame Beach group. I know some people can be tempted to push a defenceless bird around. (But there ARE more fun things to do in SL!) But when this continued and evolves into orbiting of the same bot, I draw the line. Every other day I logged in, I had to TP Canga back to her place because she was somewhere else on my sim. The orbiting could also lead to crashes. This all reduced the usability of the bot. She needs to be 90m from where the visitors TP in. If not, she can’t do her job.

So one day last week, I logged in, and some friends where fooling around at the central landing place. Part of their fun was to push and orbit Canga. I asked them to stop. They didn’t. So I asked them again, explaining why I didn’t like it. They started to argue against me. I was sad that people I regarded as friends could not do what I asked them to. So when I asked again, I said that if they orbit her again, they are not welcome here anymore. The response was “Ban Canga!”. That was the last straw and I ejected and banned the “orbiter”. His 2 friends TPed away without a word. (I unbanned the orbiter shortly after, as I am not in the habit of banning. I had made my point.)

This is my experience of the events, and it may have looked different from their side. I don’t worry about that, as I have talked to 2 of them in IMs since, and it seems clear we agree about what happened. The problem is that they didn’t accept the concequences. Well – one of them admitted it was wrong what they did. But since, they have de-friended me and left my groups.

I can live with all that. I was not frustrated when this happened, because I did what I felt was needed. If people didn’t want to behave within reason, it was their choice. It is the bullying that has started since, that upsets me. People have been told to stay away from DN and my tournaments.

The orbiter has also withdrawn from the March CL round. It was done by telling his last opponent he would not play, and that they could tell Aries that. He also left the CL group. To me this is a withdrawal from the round. So I did what I always do, deemed the game, and placed the person who withdrew on bottom of the list.

Yesterday, I was contacted by one of the orbiter’s friends, who started to accuse me of doing this for personal reasons. (Well – I will not be in final anyway!) And claimed I do not follow my own rules. I can only say this:

  • If people 4-5 days before deadline flatly refuse to play their last game, and also tells their opponent to tell me about the fact, I take that as a withdrawal.
  • The leaving of the group is a clear confirmation of that.
  • People who withdraw do not get to play in the final.

It goes without saying that people have to be member of the group to play in CL.

I am tired of wasting time on this issue. And I hate bullies. They can stay away. And “bullying for fun” is no fun.

~ Aries ~




Help wanted!

Boardgame Beach is looking for people who want to join our staff.
The perfect candidate for us would have a great personality, be able to talk to anyone in SL with respect and understanding, have a passion for games and have an awesome sense of humor!!

  • Tournament hosts: to take responsibility for one (or more) tournaments.
  • Venue hosts: to greet and help our guests. Finding games, finding players for that game, assist players, and make them feel welcome at Boardgame Beach.

Requirements for positions:

  • Must want to be part of creating the friendliest casual game place in SL!
  • Must have good people skills and able to work well with others.
  • Must be realistic when taking on responsibilities.
  • Must be at least 30 days old with and have a quality avatar no matter what your personal style is.
  • Must have an email account with your SL name and should be able to use voice to listen at least.
  • Pay will be discussed with each individual.

We welcome all serious applicants to apply. We will offer training if needed.

Please fill in and submit this form. We will be in touch!

The form has questions about SL name, SL age, time zone, experience and motivation. And of course you favourite games.

~ Aries Oh ~

Eligible players for the Team Battle on Sunday

As you know, players in the team battle have to have played at least 2 rounds for the team in the season. The lists below shows the players who “qualify” on this rule:


  • Patrick
  • Lenny
  • Erik
  • Dare
  • Aries
  • Devin
  • Venom

Haven Coohuggers:

  • Jill
  • Rahul
  • Agar
  • Aaronspectre
  • Kira
  • Coo
  • Sugarplum
  • Lilly

Swords of Steel:

  • Vance
  • Dave
  • Deacon
  • Stormy

Celtic Swashbucklers:

  • Woong
  • Florence
  • Stereo
  • Guy

Blood Avengers:

  • Demy
  • Sammie
  • Soul
  • Tayeb

Remember to send me a notecard with your team (3 players + as many substitutes that you want), before 11 am SLT on Sunday!

The reason why we have always started these team battles at noon SLT, is because of the length of the event, and Monday mornings come very suddenly for Europeans. We play first round where all players play one on each of the other teams. With 5 teams there will be some waiting, in addition to the usual fumbling, distractions, crashes and, of course, the regular tea breaks….

The second round is the final, where the 2 best teams from first round meet in the Team Battle. One game per player. Team with highest score wins!

I have been asked to move start from noon to 1PM. If ALL teams agree to push the start to 1PM, I can reschedule.

~ Aries ~


Charida won LoRDs today

Congratulations!charida_002Charida beat Tayeb in the final!

Guy won January CL

He beat Lilly in the final. Here he is celebrating with his friends!


Hemu won Premier

Beat Snow in the final.hemu_001

Tayeb won LoRDs

He beat Kira in a very close final match – January 27th, 2017 at Dragon Nest.tayeb jan 27_001.png.

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